At Risklayer, we know that risk reduction actions are different for every industry. This is why we tailor our products to provide actionable solutions and metrics relevant to each sector. Our products have been developed in close collaboration with industry leaders, and include:

  • Destination Resilient: Risklayer's Destination Resilient offers a clear and concise way for investors and Destination Managers to access transparent resilience and sustainability information about tourism destinations and businesses. It helps these stakeholders understand risk metrics and resilience performance in a comparable manner. Found out more here
  • Hotel Resilient: As a globally-recognized standard in hospitality resilience, Hotel Resilient serves as a comprehensive resource for hotels and resorts. It enables them to manage risk, resilience and sustainability performance, track progress over time, and transparently communicate their resilience efforts to gain trust. Found out more here
  • Carmacal: A comprehensive tool developed together with Travelife for Touroperators that calculates the carbon footprint of tourism products and complete packages for tour operators, travel agencies, and destinations. Found out more here

While our current products are detailed here, our integrated risk analysis and management solutions can be adapted for diverse sectors. Reach out to us to explore tailored software solutions and discover how we can assist you in strengthening resilience and sustainability.

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