Our Team

photo of James Daniell
James E. Daniell

CEO, Risk Modelling & Strategy

photo of Bijan Khazai
Bijan Khazai

CEO, Risk & Resilience Management

photo of Andreas Schäfer
Andreas Schäfer

CTO, Risk Modelling & Software

photo of Trevor Girard
Trevor Girard

CSO, Risk Communication & Certifications

photo of Friedemann Wenzel
Friedemann Wenzel

Advisory & Research

photo of Johannes Brand
Johannes Brand

Exposure & Environmental Modelling

photo of Annika Maier
Annika Maier

Hazard & Data Science

photo of Simon Michalke
Simon Michalke

IT Admin & Software Development

photo of Florian Elmer
Florian Elmer

Insurance & Sales

photo of Pauline Gerhards
Pauline Gerhards

Internship Resilience Management

photo of Jens Skapski
Jens Skapski

Seismology & Data Science

photo of Copper the dog

Customer Support & Head of Wellbeing