Our Team

photo of James Daniell
James E. Daniell

CEO, Risk Modelling & Strategy

photo of Bijan Khazai
Bijan Khazai

CEO, Risk & Resilience Management

photo of Andreas Schäfer
Andreas Schäfer

CTO, Risk Modelling & Software

photo of Trevor Girard
Trevor Girard

CSO, Risk Communication & Certifications

photo of Friedemann Wenzel
Friedemann Wenzel

Advisory & Research

photo of Johannes Brand
Johannes Brand

Exposure & Environmental Modelling

photo of Annika Maier
Annika Maier

Hazard & Data Science

photo of Simon Michalke
Simon Michalke

IT Admin & Software Development

photo of Pauline Gerhards
Pauline Gerhards

Internship Resilience Management

photo of Pauline Gerhards
Marina Borja

Research Assistant

photo of Pauline Gerhards
Carlo Cordes

Bachelor Student

photo of Florian Elmer
Florian Elmer

Insurance & Sales

photo of Jens Skapski
Jens Skapski

Seismology & Data Science

photo of Copper the dog

Customer Support & Head of Wellbeing