Natural disasters are a frequent risk to public and private assets all around the world. From quantifying the exposure, its vulnerability and modelling potential hazards, risk and hazard analytics provide vital insight and metrics to better cope with future losses. Exposure and vulnerability modelling stem from a large amount of empirical data. Here, Risklayer proprietary databases like CATDAT and open data platforms like open-street-map come in place where robust and reviewed exposure and vulnerability assessments are made possible.

Depending on the industry, different combinatorial aspects need to be considered. Risklayer experts bring decades of extensive experience from the industry in understanding business needs and developing tailored modules for any type of business and risk.

Risklayer provides various ready-to-go risk models for the wine, tourism and energy sector together with consulting options to better calibrate the models to your business needs.


Was ist das Gefahrenpotential in meinem Land? Wie schätze Produktionsverluste? Wie ist mein Portfolio Erdbeben oder Cyberrisiken ausgesetzt?


Expositionsmodellierung ist meist die komplexeste Komponente der Risikoanalyse, wob... continue reading

Risklayer has access to the CATDAT including the Integrated Natural Catastrophe Database, one of the world’s largest and most detailed historical catastrophe loss databases developed by founding partner James Daniell since 2003 formally.

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Catastrophe modelling companies and vendors are often a black-box when it comes to their proprietary risk models. Banks, governments and the insurance world are becoming more sophisticated in their use of models, and there is a demand for models and an... continue reading